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Lots of 'Wing' Time

Lots of 'Wing' Time

I upgraded my Goldwing's entertainment center with Bluetooth functions a few months ago. This riding season is 'Jammin'. 


Own Photo: 




Looks very colorfull TG.... is it allowed to use all those lights during a ride in US? Here you can get a big ticket and with a little bad luck, the police will "ask" you to remove all extra lights before you're allowed to go further!

Gert, no restrictions on the lights here as long as they are not blinking or flashing while riding. Flashing and blinking is okay as long as long as the bike is stationary.

Different countries, different rules and laws! But I like the view, it sure looks good!

Thanks Gert, I'm really enjoying having two different types of bikes to ride as I am sure you are as well.

Ohhh sure I am! The little one I mostly use during wintertime when the roads are dirty, full of salt and for shorter rides... and sometimes, just to have some fun... But you're right, it's great to have them both!

That bike has presence !

Jammin and looking good as well TG. Nice shot

Always a beautiful pic.

The lights on the bike and rules regarding them varying from state to state and much of the time from which officer pulls you over. Sometimes they don't know. It would be best to find the actual written law about it.
Looking top notch.

Randy, I did take the time to look up the laws and rules regarding motorcycle lighting in Tennessee and Missouri. I am prepared just in case the first time that I get pulled over because of them, I will be ready. You're right, chances are that most officers are not aware of the rules themselves.

In communist New York they only allow amber on the sides and red on the back. Nothing flashing. If parked, there's virtually no rules. Looks great!

All over Australia it's amber indicators only; amber reflectors on the front; red reflectors on the rear. Additional accent lights as TG has are not legal anywhere. However as long as they aren't on while riding you tend to be left alone.

What can one say other than WOW. Very nice TG.

Excellent photo, Will! Nice to see some more shots of your beautiful bikes!

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