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Lucie , my spanish teacher

Lucie , my spanish teacher

This is Lucie , one of the activity girls at the resort . She gave Spanish lessons every day as well as dance & pool activities.



Yeah, try not to concentrate to hard eh! lol

Looks like it would be very hard!!!

Nice scenery!

So... How´s your Spanish now???


I'm having a hard time also. phewww...

how can I say in Spanish "would you like to continue the lesson later in the evening on my terrace with cold champaigne?"

Man! You are surrounded by beauty! I could only concentrate on one thing!!!

Geez , did no one notice I was wearing the official CC T-Shirt !!!! LOL

Muy bonita!

I just love Mexican food!

Luckyluke,  "on my terrace with cold champagne", mwhahaaa, more like in my room and pop the cork!!! Laughing

"Lucie, you got some esplainin to do!"

Fred are you in the photo?

OC... do you speak Spanish?! mwhahaa, If Fred starts with lessons there should be something prior to the cok in the room, let it be champaign LOL

Fred, what's that on your right wrist? Is it "all-inclusive" band?


Yes we do need an edit feature for the comment part

Yes , its an all inclusive band..... And a CC Shirt !!!LOL


What's Lucie's phone no:...........She can have a holiday in Australia (She can stay at my house) while she's teaching me Spanish............It could take a while.........I'm a slow

"O" You had A shirt on?? (:-)

Look behind someone is crying for help lollllllllll

HA! funny Ghostriderqc!

Hey Fred! any progress with spanish? lol

Do you still remember what you learnt? lol

May be time to go back for Spanish 2.

You are right Bruce , going back Feb 04 to March 04 , can't wait

Can i go too. lol

Hey Fred,
where is this resort?.........I want to go there.

Las Brisas , Huatulco , mex ,now you see one of the reasons to go there .LOL

Hi Fred,
That's the ONLY reason I want to go there!

How do you say WOW in spanish!!!!

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