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Lunch With Vardy

Lunch With Vardy

Raymond52, cliffy, trailor, Nick and I meet Vardy at Sutton Forest for lunch.
A perfect day for riding. Low temperature, not much traffic and finish off with a great lunch sharing memories and bike stories.



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Great get together.

Good catch up.

Thanks for the invitation ... great to catch up with you all! It was a very nice ride home via the backroads of the southern highlands.

Great stuff! Sorry I couldn't make it.

Fantastic riding weather with mates.
Video to come soon.

Yep, same here Steve.

You all look great setting in the sun having a good time.

Great time. Was nice to catch up with Vardy in person. Should be done more often. Always nice to ride with mates.

Sorry I couldn't be there......btw, great smiles guys.
So out of curiosity Vardy which way did you come back?

Sutton Forest, Bundanoon, Penrose ... and onwards. Came back on the highway near Goulburn. Didn’t have time to head deeper into the countryside.

Can anybody explain why there is only salt on the table? LOL

Great pic Terry, always good to see you guys have that kind of rides and meetings together!

Gert ... this was after lunch ... the waitress was cleaning our table when we asked her to take the pic ... she hadn’t finished cleaning everything off the table

Nice shot ! Good to see you guys getting together. Our riding buddies moved away and the other couple sold there bikes and stopped riding.

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