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Lutheran Church on Park Road One

Lutheran Church on Park Road One

This beautiful little church stands on Park Road One near the LBJ Ranch here in Central Texas.  "LBJ" stands for "Lyndon Baines Johnson" who was the 36th President of the United States.  He grew up poor here in the Texas Hill Country and became a school teacher before being elected to the US Senate.  John F. Kennedy chose LBJ as his running mate in 1960 and he was sworn in as Vice President in 1961.  LBJ became president after Kennedy's assination in Dallas, Texas in 1963.  
The LBJ Ranch house stands only about a quarter mile from this church.  The ranch house is where LBJ as President hosted dignitaries from all over the world who made lasting discisions that affect all of us to this day.  I used the bathroom in that ranch house once while working on a documaentary about Lady Bird Johnson who was LBJ's wife and former First Lady of the U.S.  Lady Bird still lived there at that time, so I had to pass the Secret Service muster before flushing!


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Another fine pic Charlie and a history lesson as a bonus

Great shot again as always Charlie. LBJ was the first U.S. President that I ever saw in person. I was eleven years old when LBJ and Lady Bird came to my hometown, Columbia, Tennessee for the dedication of a building on the campus of the newly opened Columbia State Community College. The building was named Lady Bird Johnson. The talk of the town occurred when as the motorcade was about to leave Columbia, Lady Bird decided that she wanted an ice cream cone. The motorcade made a stop at the local Dairy Queen for the ice cream. Since that time, Dairy Queen has two new locations in town and the original Dairy Queen location where Lady Bird stopped is now the Fuzzy Duck liquor store. Former U.S. President James K. Polk is from Columbia, Tennessee. His home is located just two blocks from the Fuzzy Duck.

You're still the master in this kind of pics and I really like the historical lesson...

Very nice and information and good photo too

Charlie, great pic and great history lesson.

Beautiful Church and bike. Can you hear the bell? Whom does it beckon for? It beckons for you. Better get on that bike a ride fast. Great info.

I agree with Gert, the master at getting great pics

Y'all may want to double check the history in my description...I wrote it from memory.

I've been lucky enough to meet a few presidents, but the most memorable meeting of a political figure was meeting Lady Bird Johnson for the first time. I was working for the local PBS station in the late 80's and we were filming local celebrity's insights on what the Christmas Holidays meant to them. One of our stops was at KLBJ AM to film Austin's beloved Cactus Pryor -- a local radio/TV personality and humorist. (The Johnson family owned a couple of radio stations, KLBJ AM and KLBJ FM.) We were interrupted in the middle of our interview when Lady Bird showed up carrying a plate of cookies she had baked for the radio station staff. Lady Bird stopped and chatted for a while then gave us each a cookie. She was very gracious as she spoke to everyone and seemed truly interested in our little project.

That was an awesome cookie!

Most cool

Great history lesson and another beautiful photo!

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