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Maintainence Time

Maintainence Time

Just got back from my Tassie trip on the Tiger and noticed oil on the rear wheel of the Vulcan. Right side shock has been leaking.

So I took them off and sent them back to Racetech for a rebuild, they have done 40k.

While I was at it I took the rear wheel off to replace the disc and rebuild the caliper as the disc was down to its wear limit and was on the schedule to do anyway. The leaking shock has made me do it sooner, so probably for the better.


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You are a real mechanic, Spratty! How would you like to make a quick trip to Canada in the spring (OUR spring), and change the timing belts on my Valkyrie? I know a great place you (and Rosanne) could stay...... REALLY cheap too.... and I think it includes meals.... Smiley-wink

Great offer Len, but my knowledge is limited, timing belts do sound beyond by skill set. Especially on bikes other than mine, if I screw mine up I can live with it but someone else's well that's a whole other story.


Well done Dave! I am contemplating getting the forks on the VTX done before this years Wild Hogs.

Len, I had my belts done a while ago. Didn’t take my service guy long. And I’m sure it was faster and more accurate than if I were to try it.

Thanks Steve, yep got to have it in top top shape for the Hogs this year.

I wouldn’t even think about doing that myself. Just because I would never make it. I need a new back tire for the Star before the season realy starts but I just go to Ap and he will do it. For me that’s the way I’m sure the job will be done on a proper way!

Well done Spratty!

Good job Spratty ...amazing what they teach at Optometrist School !! LOL

Good job Dave.

I know where the air the 710 cap......

Spratty, That is it. take care of it all while she's a part. Make it last.

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