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Makes my purchase of the CL360 look good.

Makes my purchase of the CL360 look good.

Just trolling through the local Bikesales site. Spotted this advert for a '74 Honda CL360. I bought one privately last weekend....for way, way less than these guys are asking. Mine needs a couple of minor spanner jobs (and mostly they are just to re- route cables etc where they should be).


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In the immortal words of Daryl Kerrigan, tell im he’s dreamin!!

It would want to be in showroom condition....and then still over priced in my opinion.

Always good to see you did a good job!

Lol. Just lucky Gert.

Wow! That is top dollar!

I've seen a couple of CL360's recently going for $4000 US ($5910 AU). One was in pretty sad shape and the other was OK, but had been "Customized by a professional."

$7k is well out of my desirable range.

Wow, that is high priced.

Too rich for me Bill.

I think that's a bit high even if it just came out of its shipping crate after all these years.
If someone buys it for that I hope they post his address. I got some stuff to sell him too!

Me too!

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