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A man ... working in his Mancave! Spraying a plasti-coat protective covering on a fibreglass rear hugger.



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And looking relaxed doing it!

So much place and you choose a spot to spray, right above the carpet?! ...... Oké, it's the mans cave isn't it? LOL

Gert ... the carpet is there to keep oil, paint, degreaser, paint stripper and other stains off the concrete ... and also something more comfortable to lie or kneel on when under the car or working down low on the bikes.

Haha..... Oké, so..... It will not give you a bloody kick on your ass from your wife?! LOL

No Gert ... it won't! LOTS of other things will get me into trouble with my wife ... but not getting the garage carpet dirty LOL!!

Work, work, work!! (quote from Blazing Saddles). LOL.

Peter, now that you're retired, I was expecting to see you wearing the signature bandana.

Starting with the Harley 'garage shirt' Tezza ... lol!

Straight to work on the fun stuff I see Peter, getting ready for the big trip not long now..

I see your staying busy in you early retirement. Good job

Gert, I suspect that was the old carpet from the house recycled when they put in new carpet or decided to go with maybe gorgeous wood floors that the carpet was hiding. safety gear? Lol.

Steel cap boots just in case I dropped the aerosol on my foot ... and hi-vis accents in my shirt !!

So, you still like to inhale the paint fumes without being filtered. Lol I stopped sniffing petrol when they stopped selling super grade.

Al ... my Dr said I have an excess of brain cells and I need to kill a few off ..,,

Vardy, I think you have slipped into your new life too easily.

The man cave seems to be missing wall art and tunes...

problem is BA ... I share it with other members of the family ... It's our garage ... so not a dedicated Mancave :0((

You share it Vardy? Do the rest of them have Matchbox cars as there can't be too much space available after you park your toys. Lol

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