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Manybikes Fancy Dress Photo Contest July

Manybikes Fancy Dress Photo Contest July

Here is my most recent Fancy Dress... Just last weekend. BoloTie and Viper Skin Boots Smiley-wink

PS: CaptianBob... Nice BoloTie?



Very spiffy you two!

Looking sharp, Kyle!

Kyle has Style !!


Kyle enough about you, what about her, is that your wife, if she is" Wow"

Looking good.

A trend setter for sure.

Didn't see Uwe and Tracy dressed like that on their visit. Kyles either a kept man or overpaid. Not disputing he's lucky he has Brooke.

Sharp! That's a lovely "date" you have there too!

Wow, Kyle cleans up pretty well and keeps good company!

Fancy enough to enter THIS contest )))

Great pic Kyle................I take it CC doesent make a "dress " T-shirt ?

Ha! Ha! My collared cruiser dress shirts are for filming and bowling Smiley-wink
Brooke is her name and she has been my sweetheart for almost 5 years now... Maybe in the next 12 to 18 months she just may become my wife. Time will tell Smiley-wink

C'mon KB! Don't keep her waiting. She's not going to suddenly find out what you do for a living, or that you ride bikes.... a lot and leave you.. lol You don't strike me as the shy type.
Mate, she seems a lovely girl. The right time has to happen. Great pic of you two.

Thanks Al. I'll keep your words of advise in mind...

Coz and I have been together 12 years.... not engaged yet. I'm shy.

What's up you and Ken and your LIES!
You shy??? That's like Ken not liking BEER!

Very nice photograph Kyle!

Looking good.

Styling and profiling!

Hi Kyle,
That's a great photo of youself and Brooke.

Nice pic mate

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