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March Photo Contest - My Best Friend

March Photo Contest - My Best Friend

PG is my best friend.  I am her humble and obedient servent, I shall cater to her every whim and every desire in every way.  Whatever she wants, her wishes are my command.  She knows everything and I know nothing.  She is always right, I am always wrong.  She is smart, I am not.  She has all the answers, I have none.  She knows my password, I do not know hers.  Oh yeah, and......





Can't disagree with you FB! LOL

Ya sure Barry ..... Stacey added that last line in while you went for a pee, didn't she!

I'm thinkin F B left his account open, orrrrrrrrrr , P G just used his password and wrote THE WHOLE THING !!!! LOL

 Great Pics F're a very lucky man !!! Blessed , in many ways  !

Are you sure PG didn't write this..LOL

Nice pic/pics. Sounds like you are a lucky man too.

 Its funny how most of the men that have put a contest pic in have named their wives, girl friends, companion as their best friend. Us men would like the world to think we are hardassed bikers. But we are a puddle of mush, LOL

hope you got lucky after writeing this,ha

COOL guys..

the perfect relationship FB ,A true partnership in live

PS  how many points did you score for that Description ,man you are playing a chapionship game lol


I see the snow hasn't melted yet and you dropped your guard and let PG put girly love hearts on your man pics...LOL...Wink

WTH!!!  I didn't write this!  I did NOT write this!!!!  OMG!  PG has gotten my password and put this in, that is NOT my wording!!  even though it's all true,...........I, I, would not write this out loud!  And, WTH again, her  bike is NOT cooler than mine.  OK, that might be true too but,.....Take a look at who's bike is always hauling all the gear on our trips.  I'm the pack mule.  Pack mules are gorgeous in their own way!!  (sniff, sniff)  Without me where would she be on a trip by herself without the 'Necessary essentials'?  Ya, a total wreck!

But,..........she is my best friend!

Very nice.

Don't sweat it bear.... I could smell something fishy... thought maybe PG was standing over your shoulder with the fryingpan...LOL  Man you too help lighten the day.  Thanks for your entertainment efforts.

The big AWWWWWWWWWWWWW thats to sweet

how sweet..................

What a masterful plan,,, it didn't really matter the way it all unfolded, the climax would have inevitably been the same!!

Touching and brilliantly executed!!! One of this years finest,,

The Wasaga Post

LOL Loved it! PG I was going to call you up for lessons on how to get mine thinking this way ... but I know now, just get his password LOL

You guys make a great couple, good luck with the entry too Smiley-laughing

see my comment on 'winning an argument''ve learned quite well...

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