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Marek wanted a new sailboat, Dana a pair of wooden shoes...

Marek wanted a new sailboat, Dana a pair of wooden shoes...

to be happely Married.. I know... it’s always a compromise.... 


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Shit small kids would love one of those to sled ride down snowy hill around here. Those are cool though! My wife would put them on our door step and fill with flowers. How much are those anyway?

Todd, the big wooden shoes are not for sale, but I think everything is for sale when you pay the right price... a normal size pair on the Amsterdam market is about 35 euro. The same pair in our village is about 20 euro...

Nice blue delft art work. If Betsy saw them She would turn then into flower planters. This has happened to some of my old sneakers.

There you go Gert....make those as a hobby and I would bet us westerners would buy them up by the truck load. They are pretty cool to say the least. Maybe an importer business opportunity has just presented its self?????

Gert, check this price out over here in canada for undecorated clogs....

Thats 42 euro

I dabble in woodworking but I'm not going into this. I'm always digging out slivers of wood from me. The foot is made to bend and these just don't bend. As Spock says, NOT logical.

We watched them hand make a pair in northern holland but when he finnished he confessed that they use automated machines now to make them.
The show was just for the tourists.......

Watch this one Todd!

My uncle, a older brother from my father started this shop many years ago. This man named Gerrit Habermehl was working for my uncle many years (started as a 15 year old boy) and took over his business at the end of nineteenth century... My uncle started as a very small buseniss and made handmade klompen by himself. Also the painting he did by himself. Later they got klompen made by factory and they only painted them. Now, it’s a big buseniss and they sell all over the world... my uncle died years ago, nearly 90 years old. He was the second oldest brother of my father who was the youngest of 12 children...

A couple of outboard motors and off you go!

They got to be water proof. Smooth soul for mud. But no traction on ice and snow.

If they get up on plane you got it made !

It’s even worse Capt. Walking wearing klompen in the snow changes in walking on stilts because the snow sticks on the wooden klompen! LOL

That will put a damper on things. Then you'll need ski poles like cross country skiing.

Capt, they are very good in wet weather conditions, also when it’s hot. Never cold or warm and always dry feet and when you’re used to it, they are even comfortable to walk with. But in snow and ice they are nearly life dangerous!!! LOL

Which word means video on the web site Gert? Unless you have a direct link? I can't read the language. ....

Hahaha.... I’m sorry Todd!!! Never thought about the language! I think I have to teach you some Dutch?!

Yes, that’s the way my uncle did it. He always used wood from the same trees, I think it was Wilgenhout!

There was no compromise the boss spoke and the boss go what she wanted

Those are cool.

Allen, If you follow that rule. You will have a long and happy life.

I'm trying Capt

I've been at it almost 40 years. So far so good.

These shoes are made for walkin and that's what Dana is going to do.

That is a great photo. Love the expression on Dana's face.

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