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May Need a New Helmet

May Need a New Helmet

Saw this on a shelf at a design firm while on a tech scout in the warehouse district...


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Not that safe to wear I think but nice to see or maybe even to have, but not for use....

Surprising what one can find

I like it

The helmet obviously outlasted the owner....

That is a human skull (or replica) under the goggles ... right ?? Reminds me of those pics of the skeletal remains of a pilot still in his parachute hanging from a tree in the middle of a jungle

I would say the helmet needs a new face, lol

LOL Allen!

That is what happens when you smoke too much weed. He got to lazy to eat and ride..

+1 with Allen... I was going to say the helmet needs a new rider!

Must be good weed Smiley-laughing It usually gives people the munchies .... cheers - Smoke Safe ...

Isn't that a skull cap?

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