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May Photo Contest - my favourite bike accessory!

May Photo Contest - my favourite bike accessory!

This is my best and favourite bike accessory... It's called a 'Beachy' !  ;)

Not only can a Beachy do all my bike repairs, maintenance and installs, it can also teach me how to do them myself! In addition a Beachy gives me riding tips and watches over me riding......and if I'm a really good girl, will even wash and polish my bike!

Unfortunately for everyone else, there was only one of these accessories ever made......and its all mine !! Biggrin


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Karens got a similar's called a Tony and its made by a different company and originally imported from England Smiley-wink

Karen and I are both very lucky!! Smiley-laughing

Annie, what are we going to do with you? You must realise that the more you confirm his importance the more you will have to do to feed his ego. Just ask my wife, I am totally indispensable but she will never admit it, she will even argue to opposite if asked.

I'm looking forward to meeting Trish and having just that conversation Norm!! Smiley-wink

She does not exist, I hired an actor for those photos. Ok she does exist, married 25 years today, lying next to me, asleep :( . She will be in Adelaide all next week for work, then we swap.


Sounds like a matching numbers original classic.

Can you copy him Annie?

Nice T.

What are you going to swap Norm?

Sorry Marek, no copies !! Smiley-wink

OMG I just saw this.
Hmmm what am I going to do with you AnnieO? Smiley-wink
Tony, I agree there are some of us "accessories" that are just irreplaceable!
Norm, Obviously you didnt show Trish this thread. Congrats on the 25 years. We will have to catch up with Trish while she is here and get the goss on you before we catch up next week then!

Marek! Im a little woried about you. Why do you want a Beachy?

Is there a lady version of Beachy?

Annie, Trish is in Adelaide next week, then we swap and I am in Adelaide the week after starting 3rd June. Remember we are catching up for dinner on the Tuesday night 4th June, or did Beachy forget to tell you??? Worked out a place yet? I'm booked in at the Qwest on King William, 82 King William Street. I'm at a business event just around the corner.

Beachy, No she has not seen this one. Not sure she will have to time to catch up as it is going to be a very busy week for her, she even has to fly back Wednesday afternoon to Melbourne then return Thursday morning to Adelaide. Things will calm down in mid June, I hope!

Havent forgotten yet. We are working on a venuenow that we know where you are staying. I shall consult the functions and finances co-ordinator now to see what we can do for you Smiley-wink

Great, I'm hungry already. FYI I am having dinner on the Monday night at SOSTA Argentinian Kitchen [] 291 Rundle Street, Adelaide so you can leave that off your list of options. I'm easy, anything from a sandwich shop up as long as the food is edible and the company good. Oh, I'm not much for Thai, Indian and other spicy foods, sorry.

Ain't that just a "beach", son of a "beach", excuse my pun of a cuss, only 1 version available, what kind of manufacturer makes such a super accessory but only makes 1 of it? Fine, I'll go find my accessories elsewhere. LOL

And I thought Norman was shameless! Norman! you've been up-staged! Annie, absolutely no disrespect intended.
Adrian? Do you get frequent nose bleeds from the rarified air you breath on the pedestal Annie has put you on? Does it make you dizzy? Cmon' dish....

Marty it is bloody hard being a Demi God! Biggrin

Amen brother! Amen! Annie can spread the word and you can show us the way!

I may have to brush up on a few skills. I had a little trouble parting the warters the other day. I was planning to ride to the US and the water just stat there. May I should try again when it isnt a week end! Smiley-wink

I seen one of those in South Oz, looked pissed most of the time. I guess even an old rag is usefull sometimes.

Why I want a "Beachy"???? Is obvious - to do dirty work for me!!!!! Smiley-wink

Nice "accessory " this a CC product ? How much , and where can the rest of us get one ?

I wonder if there is a female version of the Beachy.

Is that an OEM or aftermarket accessory??

As my lovely wife often reminds me there is Blue jobs and Pink jobs!!

Guess which list is the longest??

Gary the female version is the AnnieO Smiley-wink
Deebs, this is the new improved version! No flat tyres either!
Randy, sometimes life can be a Beach!
Keith definitely aftermarket, it is still working! You also forgot to mention the pink and blue lists are often written by the same person!

Keith, we don't have Pink and Blue lists, we have a PURPLE (unisex) list !! Biggrin

Annie. Did you check the warranty details on your accessory? I believe it is prone to severe emissions. Smiley-laughing

Emissions were specifically excluded from the warranty (in the fine print) Tezza........I only found out about them after !!!! Smiley-wink

Annie I see no likes dislikes or have or have not for Trish. Make sure you take her some were nice. If there are no sausage sizzles close by Macas shouldn't be to far that should suit Stormin Norman lol.

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