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this is me....

this is me....

After working all night, getting off at 530 am yesterday, riding all day, being back to work at 530 pm for another wonderful night with 4.5 hrs left in my shift....


hello there great looking rider, ride safe

I know how that is all too well. Ride safe and enjoy the road

Push it to the limit WTG


Whoa.  Tough call.

still looking good LOL

You are hot!

Yapp...That´s you alright... And good looking too....

And still looking hot after all that, girl you need to post one of you when you are dressed to kill, wait, let me get my xanex refilled tomorrow first. You would look good in a set of superman PJ's but better out of them.Tongue out

and this is me!! Laughing

on a good day??October photo contest...


Great pic Amy, even after what sounds like a very long day!!




even all covered upLaughing

Ya but you're tough .... you can do it!

You look great... now get some SLEEP!

Nice, now get back to work

Well you still look good, tired but good

Nice....somebody is gonna sleep really good!!


lol thanks, got some sleep today... really didn't have a choice. I hit the bed and was out. Doing better tonight (still covered up in the blue suit) but at least Im awake... till about 1ish 2ish... then I'll be ready for some sleep. Good thing its my friday... No wait gotta go do "dad's day" with my boy, baseball practice and a little road trip to visit the family for the weekend...

poor me you need a XO  hope you feel better now 

Its makeing me tired just thinking about it

Dude! you even work harder then me:)  Rest when you can...

so whats up,how come no smile,ha

Slow down................. works BAD for you !

Slow down................. works BAD for you !

What is it that you do for a living? Whatever it is you need to slow down and get a little rest....Wink

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