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Me Flexing

Me Flexing

Me Flexing & showing off, I'm just a poser LOL LOL LOL


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Are you licensed for them guns

Good pic Allan

Thank's guy's

LOL great shot Allan, scared to show your face?....LOL

nice shot Allen ,LOL

Glad to see you wearing the safety gear!

good pict


Yeah...but is it really YOU? We don't know who's under the skid lid.....

I was thinkin the same as you Al, especially since I have never seen Abdood in person. Could be anyone's guns except mine. I'm close to a walking skeleton.

Mine are resting at stomach level....

I thought Dood was modest.

I am, about as modest as a neon light is LOL LOL LOL, Thank's all

It's me, It's me, Do you think i would let any one else pose on my bike like that LOL LOL LOL

So that's what they mean by "Muscle Bike"........................

I better go to the gym more often.....



You are scaring me Allan!!!

nice good guns lol..

I thought that's why i had the Helmet on lalva7, So i did'nt LOL LOL LOL

It's your "weapons" that are scary!!! LOL


Man you're in need of a slap.

Man slap, or Woman slap LOL LOL LOL

Just a slap Dood.


nice face!!!!! LOL

Thank's all

Good Picture Mate. Love the bike, Whats on it ?????

ME, lol lol, Vance & Hines straight shot's, 99db at idle, 118-120db full rev's, K-N filter, 3 size bigger jet's, Chrome= radiator cover, edging on tank & guard's, Hand polished lower fork leg's & f-master cylinder, Progressive suspension = fork spring's, lowered the fork's 1 inch by sliding them up though the triple trees, That way you still get full suspension travel, Back shock's 1 inch lower, the whole bike sit's 1 inch lower all round, Make's it handle much, much better, Front home made back rest, Honda b- back rest & carry rack, Harley after market vibration free running board's, which my mate & i welded to the original foot peg holder's, Make's them sit up more & not scrape, after market pillion running board's, made my own holder's for these, Saddlemen slant jumbo bag's, Fitted my old K-Drive locking mechanism to these, so they lock onto bike, Street shield X screen, LED taillight globe's to which i'm fitting a Signal brake back off warning modul, Flashes 3-1-3, Chrome cable cover, All the work i did myself

Obviously too much time on your hands Dood

Why mate, Cause i like to work out & stay fit, Or cause i'm anal about my bike, Please clarify, i'm confused LOL LOL LOL

Nice pic Allan. Is that really you or your stunt double. Smiley-wink

Looks good lowered, nice work

Tezza mate, Do you really think some one would want to be my double Anything LOL LOL LOL

Hey Dood what's this about you being "annual"?

Yes Deeb's, i'm annualy anal LOL LOL LOL

Back to the photo Dood, I notice your right arm is larger than your left. Would you say you're a RH batter? FIF.

Alway's happen's, if your right handed (At writing, Etc ) that arm will alway's be bigger, if you a leftie the same, I try to do extra curl's on the left arm to try to even up

Oh, Yes i knew what you meant, But not going there LOL LOL LOL

Dood; what can I say? I'm safe in WA.


Deebs, do you think there could be something strange in the water on the East coast?

Everyone knows about the water quality near Collingwood and most of us accept it. Associating Croweaters with Knuckle Draggers is taking light hearted banter a bit far Tezza.

Yeah Tezza1, Pull ya head in mate................................ Ha Ha had you there for a moment did'nt i LOL LOL LOL

Sorry mate, obviously I haven,t done my homework but I still think something strange is going down in Dood town SA LOL

Come & taste the water & find out LOL LOL LOL

Excuse me sir, would you please remove your helmet ..... Lol, strong arms are great but the windows to the soul are the eyes......

BTW nice ride!


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