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Meanwhile, back in Kansas....

Meanwhile, back in Kansas....

The Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park officially opened Oct. 12. The mile-long stretch of 100-foot-tall spires and cliffs lies hidden in a valley between Scott City and Oakley, Kansas, at the conservancy's Smokey Valley Ranch.
The park located is the largest Niobrara Chalk formation in Kansas and is located off Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 83 in Logan County, Kansas.
Ancient Niobrara Chalk formations were left from when an inland sea covered Kansas territory.



Spectacular to say the least. Thanks Edwin.

If I had not met you Edwin, I would have to say this IS NOT Kansas. At least not the part I drove through many, many years ago.

Randy, if you think that's strange; check this.
Yes, I've been there several times.

Well I never !! I had thought the place was table top flat.

Capt, I lived on the side of Frenchmen's Mountain that everyone in Vegas calls Sunrise but they are wrong lol That's the next one. It's on the east side of the Vegas valley overlooking Nellis AFB. One of my tenants was a pilot and I actually had a Red Flag bomb run dedicated to me. Kinda cool.

That is cool !!


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