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Meanwhile, in Missouri......

Meanwhile, in Missouri......

Adult Slushies at the Hummingbird Winery. Why should kids get all the fun?



Ah.....and you were slushed at the end of the night?

The kids cant have all the fun.

I agree.

But did you indulged Edwin.....?

I will be there over the Labor Day weekend. $4 for a type wine tasting of 7 different wines. Nice starter, just saying.

Almost all French wine is from Missouri.
"In the mid-19th century, the phylloxera louse destroyed much of the Vitis vinifera grape crop in Europe, especially France. Missouri's state entomologist, Charles Riley, found that American rootstocks were resistant to the pest. He directed sending millions of rootstocks to vineyards around the world., to which their grape varieties could be grafted. This saved the French wine industry as well as others. The city of Montpellier erected statues honoring these events, as well as Riley's scientific colleague J.É. Planchon.["

There ae numerous wineries in Maryland and Virginia. Winter past time is locating all the local wineries.

Went to this one in North Carolina and Richard showed us around. Way cool.

Betsy has a brother that lives in Greensborough NC. This place is just south of there. I think its something to do next time we visit.

My nephew lives in Greensborough. Went to watch his final college football game there a few years back.

Small world. I got two brother in laws that went to school down there. One at Elon and the other at High Point.

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