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Medford fall weather from my almost office


Beautiful landscape for a few moments of reflection while on the job.

Yes this is the view from the fifth floor of the hospital where I was working this afternoon. Good thing my work station does not see this as I would get nothing done. Unfortunately it is dark when I go home

Awesome view.

Yes, like you commented yesterday Randy.... same type of weather at the moment! Beautiful pic...

Love the colour of the trees

Not long before the Snow Clouds start rolling in by the looks of things ...
Take Care & Ride Safe ...

For us, all of the color of fall is in and around town. Not to much color outside of town since the pine trees stay green.

Its the grand finally for the leaves. It wont be long. Rather then being in the trees they will be in the yard.

Yes my one tree is done already 2 to go

Most of ours are still green. this is way late.

Beautiful view!!

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