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miles of NOT much

miles of NOT much

many miles of the ride from Medford, OR to Dubois, WY was through panhandle sage brush, not much to see,   Good thing I had my tunes to keep my from going stir crazy like Valerie, not even trees to be found.  Nothing to hide behind if one needs to go to the bathroom.


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Go behind that sage brush. LOL.

LOL I can relate

Allen and Julie thought Nebraska was boring. At least there are periodic towns to ride through.

Not the way we went Randy. Just corn fields and lots of wind. At least the weather was good for you

Like I-80 from Lincoln Nebraska to Salt Lake City. More and more of less and less.

Any day on the bike is a good day. Smiley-laughing

Allen, I had my share of wind in that open space. At least corn fields of promise of farmers not too far away if one breaks down. Spaces here was 60-80 miles between anything. Burns, OR to Klammath Falls, OR, 200 miles of no town of any size. Lucky Christmas Valley, OR is a spot in the road roughly in the middle that has a Chevron gas station and grocery store. It even had ethanol free fuel.

Arizona and Nevada deserts almost top Aussie deserts

You missed some of the best deserts

Randy, the wind was so bad in Nebraska that I could not see anything but the road and that was a challenge

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