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Milestone at the end of the season

Milestone at the end of the season

It's 23 C here in Ontario (and very windy) so I thought I would go out for what probably will be the last night ride of the season as the temperatures are starting to drop (was 31 here today with a high of only 16 tomorrow - averaging in around 12-13 C) ... a little chilly for riding. So when I stopped at the gas station to fill up I noticed the odometer reading - right at 25K - fitting for the swan song. Oh there may a few rides left here and there, but for the most part, I'm probably done - bittersweet - wait !...nah just bitter !




I know how you feel. Been chilly here in northern B.C. practically all of September, very unusual chilly .

Come on Down it's 75 F at 9 pm. Still get to ride until Mid November. Get them in while you can it would suck if I had to stop riding now. We get 9-10 months riding here and some years 12. Have a good winter if that is possible.

23 to chilly for riding? LOL You would never go for a ride here in Holland! That’s high season temp here! Go for it, you’re season isn’t over yet! LOL

Sorry to hear your riding season is nearly over Gordo. But 12 to 13 C is not that bad yet. Keep going till you see the whites.

21 or 22 c is perfect. To bad we only se that as the temp rises and falls.past it

What am I hearing? Too cold to ride. What a bunch of hogwash. I ride down to -4 C, 25 degrees IF the road is not wet or iced. Just need to wear the right clothes.
Looked at the temps for the week, next Tues is to be a high of 35 C, 95 F. What the heck? This is almost the end of Sept. High should be more like 75 F. Maybe global warming is real.
Like Ray says, quite riding when ice or snow is on the road.

lol...I think I worded that wrong... 23C is great weather for riding, hell even 18-19 and up ...I wasn't complaining about riding in that weather point was supposed to be taken as what a nice ride it was in 23 degree weather and commenting on how it's not when it's 12-13 ....I just don't like 16 feels like 12...or 12-13 degree weather anymore.

Our forecast is for a hot, dry summer with extreme/catastrophic bushfire danger. So it might get too hot to ride! At the moment, it is perfect riding weather where I live ... 20° - 22°. Will be heading off on a lunch ride with my wife in a couple of hours. About 12° when we head off but about 21° by the time we get home.

Sounds like Washington, Oregon and California

Sounds like a great ride Peter. It was 75 and cloudy today with a little wind 30-35 mph. Have a good time riding all..

They keep going and going...great bike. But I have Indian Road Master on the brain right now.

What would be the ODDS for getting a piccy of the Odometer right at the 25,000k - That Deserves a Bottle of Black Label JD or similar ..... Something for a few of the Cool Rides coming up just before winter sets in .....
Ride Safe ...

Yes, 21 C or 70 F is just the perfect temps to ride.
Drew, check out Scruffy's view about the Indian motorcycles or at least the one he had for a very short time. Yes they are a nice looking bike, but I feel they are kinda of like Harleys, a bit overpriced.

For some reason, when a bunch of zeros roll across my odometers they tend to grab my attention. It so weird to suddenly observe those mileage milestones.

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