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Milk Run

Milk Run

Hold my beer and watch this


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I like it..

Reminds me of my condensate hauling days....ya its very nasty stuff alright......worse than gasoline folks.

That's great !! love it !!

Most people do not know that the vapes only rise about 3 Foot then spread out while staying 3 foot of the ground.

Nice thing about it, the DOT officials never want to do inspections just because of that reason. I'd always get the wave through once they spotted my placards, little do they know our tanks were sour sealed anyway.

Looks like it could be 'Nasty Stuff' inside the tanker - Danger Flammable Sign always make me nervous when following OR overtaking these guys .... Give them Respect & a Wide Berth on the Roads .....
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Crude oil is nasty stuff, definitely not milk! I’ll stick to my nice safe 1203 placards

I wasn't very lucky with the DOT. They always picked me for some reason, maybe because I never kept my moth shut on the CB.

I got so I treated it as if it was water.

After hauling molten sulphur, processed water and condensate for 10 years, it has caught up to me and my health. The lower 50% of my lungs are so badly scared that they no longer work. Even though we wore SABA apparatus for loading and unloading procedures you never are 100% protected. Funny how the 6 figure income clouded the damage that happened to us drivers. Now at the age of 54 it has made it apparent this was not such a healthy decision. Most people on this planet do not know what workers have had to endure so all humans can have fuel to power there vehicles, toys and heat there homes and cook food. Many have died and suffer working for those that do not understand what it takes to make our lives comfortable. Energy does not come without a human cost, I can attest to this first hand. I salute workers just like myself who perform this duty knowing how dangerous it is.
Sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide exposure is something workers like myself suffer from in every breath we take......but as I say, "someones gotta do it"
And for you guys hauling gasoline and diesel, benzene is your killer, so do everything you can not to breath those fumes when your loading and unloading those products.

I have haled Sulphur more then I care to think about. I'm retired now after 3-1/2 million miles. I do not miss it if I want to ride I just get on my bike & go.

I was the guy up inside those damn tankers fixing the internal valves and welding up the Baffles inside . That really sucked NO amount of ventilation and fresh air suits helped much.. Not many really understand what it takes to keep things going. They just think the switch does it all. I'm retired and when I want I ride just like David. I'm one of the few lucky ones I get to get up every day so far.. Ride often and be safe..

Amen brothers.......

That's funny. Would like to have that on a T-Shirt

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