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Mitch's roadstar

Mitch's roadstar

Before and after pics of AIS removal and relocation of the fuel pump, new filter and raising the tank to accommodate the fuel pump.



Wow! Raising the tank sounds like a big job. Did you have to re-position the mounts?

Super easy if you can weld. I made new bolt on mounts for the frame out of 2x2 angle iron and some 1" tube to put the rubber biscuits on and just made spacer blocks at the back of the tank and used longer bolts. Only downside is the dash is up now so I had to modify my key to fit down in the ignition hole. I ran with and after market key switch for a while because of that but they didn't last. I had that mounted on my oil tank cover.

I sure like being able to see all of those pretty valve covers!

Great job

Good job.

Nice work. It looks great

Wish I was a bit more mechanical. Wood is my working medium.

Very nice looking. Now you can see the shinny chrome and the tank looks good in that position.

That makes a huge difference visually, love it - not to mention you can now get right into all those tight spots to polish the chrome.

Wow thanks everyone. I found that it reduces the glare from the speedo too , also feels like you don't have to look at your crotch to see the speedo.

Funny place to have a speedo - but then again you might be wanting to check the 'mileage' or DTE (Distance to Empty) Smiley-laughing
cheers - Ride Safe .... Nice to see the rocker boxes .....

Shinny. I like shinny things

It sure looks great!

That conversion certainly was expertly done. Great job!

We certainly aim to please .... No wet feet here Smiley-laughing

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