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Mitch's roadstar

Mitch's roadstar

Tear down complete. Ready for rings and a valve lapping.



Just wish I had something bigger than a shoebox to work in. LoL

If we were just a little bit closer I'd be happy to help out I'm in Pasco WA. I have a shop and a couple lift tables. Have a good time with your repair .

Good luck on your project.

Thank you.

It might not be a big area Mitch, but its the quality that counts - Well, that's what I was told anyway Smiley-laughing
Good onya mate - Plenty of guys here for support ok .... I'll bet you are breathing a little easier now anyway .. you are getting on with it - Great achievement ... Won't take long to get it all sorted ...
Cheers mate -

Thanks all for the encouragement and advice.

That’s way more than I would be willing or game enough to tackle! All strength to you.

Looks like you have everything organized and under control.

No turning back now!

Nope can't go back now..... good time to polish the cooling fins up and polish up the ones that haven't been from the factory.

Anybody doing this sort of work to their cycle is gaining valuable confidence and also getting to know their bike intimately Smiley-laughing Well worth the effort .... Cheers & Ride Safe ...


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