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Monday morning ride

Monday morning ride

I’m not a baseball fan but it all started about 25 minutes from my house. That little town will be insanely busy till September when the kids go back to school, then it turns into a ghost town again.


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Great pic.

Great shot.

My son played a tournament there when he was 12 years old. I rode in to New York from a rally in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to watch the tournament. (That's right...Texas to Cooperstown via Wisconsin.) Great ride! Upstate New York is amazingly beautiful!
Anyway, my son's team won the tournament beating a team from Southern California in the final. The boys stayed in dorms for the tournament where there were no parents allowed. We toured the Baseball Hall of Fame as well. An experience none of use will ever forget!
(Hildr clocked about 4,800 mi (7725 km) on that trip.)

I will no what that trip entailed as I will be a shade over 5000 miles by the time I get back home. At the present moment I’m at 2551 miles

Great shot. You don't have to be a fan to get a picture like that

What Allen said, that's too cool Paintcan.

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