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More of accident...

More of accident...


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I had a deer infront of my car once... I hope it will never happen when I’m on my bike because I saw the damage on my car!!! Bad luck Bill, but glad you saw the deer sort of on time and you didn’t hit him full with your bike... wish you a speedy recovery... a bit stif now one day later isn’t it? (This time it isn’t only your age my friend! Smiley-wink )

OLD guys take longer to heal START NOW BILL

The leg is surprisingly not as sore today as I expected. It's bruising good right now though.

I saw the picture of your leg.You got all scraped up.Take care and keep moving it. That is what they told me about my leg . That was for clots from the bruising. I just kept moving it around and rubbing the calf very gently. It HURT. I imagine you're feeling a little discomfort by now.. Quick recovery Bill.

I walk around a bit and I have ointments for pain and to stave off infection.

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