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More chips from GREAT friends ....  chips from Tee's neck of the woods {Strattlerock} , and one he got from a buddy in Germany .  A collection from Texas thanks to Greg {BigG1} and last but certainly not least an Australian chip from Canberra from Dan {Far254}  !!!!   Thanks guy's  !!!



Good haul JW.

Don't you just love it, nice, very nice indeed.

Dang JW looks like you hit the mother load there!! Great additions to the collection for sure.

Glad you received them my friend!

Glad you like! Just wondering...How many do you have in your collection now? Mine is growing fast!!! Smiley-laughing

About 40. Need a holder now ! I got more for you soon. Will let you know when I ship .

Yeah I'm gonna get a display as well after I move.

Cool...Thanks! I probably have 30 orso myself! I just started collecting bot 2 weeks ago!

Great score James, the Tribe done well!

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