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More fixing

More fixing

The dump truck had a short and started to SMOKE. Now I get to rewire the cab and engine carpartment. The cab is finished. The intake had an exhaust leak so I replaced the intake gaskets. Just doing stuff that needs done. Valve cover gaskets, rebuild the carb, Tune up, New radiator and hose's, oil change, Need to repair the speed-O Have to build a speed-O cable next. Any one want to help???



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At least you will feel a sense of achievement when it's all finished and working.

Way to much fun.

All to difficult for me! The only thing I can do is take petrol and drive! LOL

Looks like a pain in the ass

Wires all mounted and in place today. It is a pain in the ASS. I was wanting to finish up the bike but I need this done so I can haul some gravel for the neighbor, to pay for all this stuff.

What a pain in the ass that is. I've been there and done that before.

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