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that looks like heaven

Awesome .

Some nice looking bikes.

Some nice sled's there I-m so happy


That's what we use to call older machine's I-m so happy

we ??

Very nice

I thought sleds were used on snow and ice?

All my sleds had runners on them. Smiley-laughing

Hey Mike are they man powered or motor powered?!

I'm thinking manpowered but could be wrong as these "Sleds" have engines!! Just trying to clarify the difference between a "Sled" in OZ to a sled elsewhere! Thanks mate!

Santa uses a "sled"...................just sayin'

Oh yeah you would be correct. But Santa goes to OZ too so now I'm confused but what's new right!? Lol

Your always confused Greg. Santa has retractable wheels, so he can land in Oz or places where there is no snow. Got it??? LOL.

OK thanks for the clarification Bill!

LOL. Anything to help a bro.

Greg my sleds were man, gravity powered and usually required several inches of snow before the would run. Just Sayin'. Smiley-laughing

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