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More from my inbox.

More from my inbox.

Used to go here as a kid. I know, hard to believe I was ever a kid. The pic is from As Yakov Smirnoff says "What a Country."



In a balloon or just to visit.? Looks like a great place for a swim.

Just to visit. My Dad had a large cast iron griddle he would set up the cinder block grills and instead of hot dogs or burgers, he would cook minute steaks served on onion rolls.

Edwin, you and I are about the same age, and close to the same back ground,


Steak on onion rolls ... sounds good to me!!

Looks like a nice swimming hole.

Very nice spot Edwin.

Nice looking spot.

Everybody say Hi to Bob.


If you had a view like this out your back door like this you would never get any thing done.
The blog pick is this over Niagara Falls. The best view of Those falls is from the Canadian side.

Capt, the first time I went to the Falls as a kid (lol) I was most impressed by the ducks swimming just feet away from going over,

Ducks are more savvy then they look. I tried for years to snorkel under then and catch them from underneath. Never works.

SPECTACULAR !!! That would make a Great Wall Mural/Poster or something .... Thanks Edwin .....
Ride Safe ...

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