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More Stuff

The leather guards and the spear floorboards and heat deflector, the tan flap top R


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Looks good.

the leather guards are great for cool weather riding, then remove them in the summer. I love my plastic guards I put on my Rebel guards to reduce the wind chill in the winter when it is below 60 degree.

These are for the HEAT this engine has. It's dam HOT now. The cat is just under you right leg. They help a bunch. I don't have to ride in the cold weather, I just watch others do that. Every day is a Paid Holiday for me.

Looking good Wayne.


One of the best bike accessories to invest in "Desert Dawgs"
I have set for my vintage (in black) & have had a set for my last two rides.
I only use them in the rain, but they offer the best protect from the elements for faring free rides.

Great additions Wayne. I like the luggage thing

The Desert Dawgs work great i already got sprayed with a bunch of rocks. Worked great. Thanks guys..

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