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Motorcycle Jump

Motorcycle Jump

Well, this is a bit different - ain't it !!!
I am not sure where this photo is from - but it is definitely done in Australia many years ago now - probably in the 70's or 80's - Maybe at the Sydney Show ? Just thought that it might get a laugh or two for someone ...  Some of the Aussie Boys may remember it happening ....
Cheers - Take Care - Ride Safe & Please be careful where you Park your Bike Smiley-laughing




dude don't tell me that bus landed on those bikes that'd be sad

Evil Knievel was always jumping his bike over buses, now it is the buses turn to jump over bikes.


I am sure it did the job. By the looks the bus landed on all but two of the bikes. Would have been crazy to watch.

Guess what I found - - Yes, a Vid clip of the BUS .... Good for a laugh ... Have a look ...

That was just too funny. I was wrong he cleared all the bikes.He must have bee a salvage yard for motorcycles.

The bus only just made it.

the video below it was even more spectacular. .

That's hilarious!! Almost put an end to some old rice burners.

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