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Motorcycle Ride For Dad 2017

Motorcycle Ride For Dad 2017

The ride in support of men's health goes again this year in June. This will be the 10th year for the Calgary chapter and I look forward to seeing lots of CCC members again this year; Tumbin'J, Randolpho, Ben, Pross, as well as my brother, Blaine and my buddy Richard. Everyone else is welcome to join us! June 18. See more details on the "Events" page



Len hopefully you have a great turn out. It's a great cause

I'm in!
I registered a couple weeks ago and looking forward to seeing all the guys again.
With any luck at all I'll be riding out to pick up Ben......

Little too far away for me but I hope you have a great crowd and a fun time

That weekend I have a car show to go to. Otherwise I'd be there with Ben and Noof. I'll just have to send some $$ with Ben.

Noof ....luck? heck its gonna happen :), Scruffy you giving us $$$ for booze ?? LOL

I'll just bring some up for the bike show. See ya soon my friend

That looks like an awesome ride for charity. I'm sure there will be good support from the CC guys.

I would be being stretched a little thin these year with going to San Franciso area in April to visit Phil and Uwe, May to visit Marek, Gert, Arild, June trip to Debois, WY, Pendleton bike weekend in July, September trip. Definitely a worthwhile cause.

Yah, I'm coming. Hey so Denny's at 8:00 fer breakfast?

JJ, looking forward to meeting up with everyone again, the original ride I took will always be remembered, by making new friends, a great ride, but also in remembrance of my Dad, as he pasted on that Sunday when I got back.

Ben.....See ya then.

Ben, I'm thinking Scruffy was thinking more like sponsorship money for RFD ......
But I can work with "money for booze" too. LOL!

OH, I thought he buy us booze to drink, so we say nice things about him . LOL We will make a toast to him Smiley-laughing

IF BOOZE is all it takes I'll being up a gal of Jim and Jack.

Wayne, you'd better let the liquor store order in big for when you go. A gallon for April, another in June, and in between.

Never fear I have lots Trust me. I could come up with 5 or 6 gallons NOW. Between the house ,shop and motor home. I wont' run low.

always have plenty of booze and food on hand, never know when your biker budies are coming over Smiley-laughing

Ben, or in your case how long you are going to be snowed in.

between the Kubota tractor, and my F350 crew cab 4x4, think I can make it out, have in the past plowed a road from my place to the county road, and out to highway.

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