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My 2001 Vstar 1100 Custom

My 2001 Vstar 1100 Custom

It only had one owner and very well taken care of. Only 16,000 on the clock.


Own Photo: 



Nice looking bike mate! Hope you have fun here.

Welcome from Edgewater Maryland. Nice V Star. There nice bikes, have fun !!

Nice ride ...welcome to the site ! I have an '05 it !

NIce ride Welcome to the CCC site. I have two Yamaha Stratoliner's and a Moto Guzzi. Ride often and safe.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I look forward to getting a lot of info for my bike. What that picture does not show is I picked a mustang seat set for a unbelivable price that you wont believe me when I tell it.

Very nice

I too picked up a mustang seat late last summer for a great price...take a look at my profile pic ... I have not put the passenger seat on, but it was included for $320.00 CDN. Mind me asking what you paid for yours?

Mustang seats are great! I bought one for a Honda I had. After a four hour trip on the Honda seat I could sit on a dime and tell you if it was heads or tails. The Mustang seat made all the difference in the world.

Great looking bike. I would like to have a batwing on my bike. Who knows, I’m watching the internet. They are not that often for sale in Holland for a Dragstar. It would be more easy to get one for a Harley. But once.... there will be a fitting ne for my bike for sale somewhere in Holland...

Nice bike! My bike has wintersleep at the moment as it is -10 during the nights and they talked about our first snow tomorrow....

Enjoy your ride(s)!

You wont believe this when I tell you. $100 cash. No lie! The seller posted it on a facebook motorcycle group page and he just wanted it gone. It is not even broke in yet. Not a crease in the leather. My set has the backrest for the driver as well. He told me he paid $650 for it. Everyone I tell is shocked of the deal I got. I want to show a picture of it.

Thats awesome! I recently paid $275US for a mustang for my VTX

Yer has to be in the right place at the right time for stuff like that - Welcome to the site from another Aussie in COOMA NSW, and it Does SNOW here sometimes during winter ...
Enjoy the site - ALL Great Guys & Gals here -
Ride Safe ...

Thanks everyone for the great welcomes. This place is going to be a great place to talk with folks about our motocycles.

That's Exactly what we are here for ... We Post when we can - sometimes daily - sometimes a couple of times a week or so ... but usually some one is around most any time of the day/Night, from all over the Globe (if you're not a Flat Earther, that is) Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Steve that was a deal. That seat is real nice. See you in November..I will get to set on it for real.. Cheers

You will mate, looking forward to hitting the road.

WOW with the deal on the seat...and with the drivers backrest ...and they are over $6 bills new...up here they don't come up that often (cause everyone keeps em!) When I was looking, there were only 2 - 1 was a little roached, and the one I finally got ( in brand new condition as well) had to be shipped. Post pics

Very nice bike

Do I just post pics of the seat set in the regular motorcycle pics area?

Yes mate, same place you put your bike pic. Use the heading "for Gordo" if you like.

The " General " is a good spot too.

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