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My actual first ride.

My actual first ride.

Got this lil fella 62 years ago. When you press the "stirrups" down, the body rises. The one way wheels move you forward. To steer, you press harder on the appropriate stirrup.


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That pretty cool Al.
Ive never seen one like it before.
Does it have gears & gogs inside to drive it?

To tell the truth Matt, I've never looked.

Nup. No cogs etc. Has a series or cantilevered? bars.

Bet it was a Big Hit when you got it !! Biggrin
Very cool, and you still got it ?

He still rides it Arild!! LOL.

Fantastic ! Smiley-laughing
Cool as .... !

Sounds like a lot of thought went into it manufacturing and definitely quality workmanship to last this long.
Can I have a turn?

Yes Arild, I still have it.
Matt, you have to join the pony club first.

Serious collectible !

Collectable for me, not particularly valuable from what I can ascertain Pete.

Are you sure Al!?

Well......last time I did a little research but it was a while ago and not orofessionally appraised.

Had the same one Albert, Mom cleaned out the basement and this was tossed out . I was a little upset about that.

Mine was in the way at my parents house so they sent it down to me about 35 years ago.

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