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My Babies

My Babies

My around town bike and WH long distance bike.
Indian Scout 2016
Suzuki Boulevard C50T 2013.
Both bought new and love them.



Own Photo: 



Very nice Terry!

Nice line up. I used to do sales demo rides for the local Indian dealer. The scout was my bike of choice for this.

Two beautiful looking rides

Looking good!

Thanks guys.
It would be nice to see pics of other members babies.

Nice and clean. I haven't started to clean mine after WH9. Better get started.

Mine is still filthy and will probably stay that way for a while, flat out since we got back.

Tezza, You wish is my command.

Nice babies Tezza!!

Both Very Nice Bikes that will last a very long time ..... unlike us humans ...
Ride Safe ....

Great stable you have. Time to go and get then dirty again.

Next weekend for sure.

Very nice pair of muscle bikes Terry. To my surprise, my wife asked me if I wanted anything for my motorcycles for Christmas. I had to admit to her that I already had every possible accessory/add-on available for both of them. Smiley-laughing

You did not say Motto Guzzi ?? The Honda's need a new friend. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I got my Stratoliners a new Playmate..

I’m too lazy tezza. Just drop over and I’ll open the shed....

That's hard to believe TG. That means your wish list is cancelled. Smiley-wink

Good on you Wayne. Merry Christmas to you too.

Leave all your bike keys out.

Keys? Mine don’t have keys.......they have bare wires....oh...and never get a ticket either. All false plates. Lol.

Only works for speed and red light cameras. Make shure you flip them off as you pass.

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