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My babies together

My babies together

Just a pic of my Suzy next to Bluesey. Suzy has been a faithful bike to me to learn on and now it's time to progress to something a bit bigger. 




i'd keep Suzy just to ride to the store and work (my work is only 15 minutes, 3 miles).

Nice duo!

A great pair they are awesome

A great looking pair! Good choice both times Annie!!

Suzy will understand Annie ,but will never forgive you .lol

nice bikes

A winning pair

Hard to say goodby girl !!!!

Both very nice......................... looks warm in your "neighborhood " !

Yay you Annie!

Thanks everyone for the comments.
I have mixed emotions moving up from Suzy...she was my first bike and was has been very forgiving while i was learning to ride.
I had my first ride on the VStar yesterday, and i was amazed at how much more comfortable the ride on the open country roads was! The extra weight, power and lower centre of gravity made a huge difference!

vrooommm vrooommm

lol Wayne Biggrin

Nice pic - and two sweet looking rides.

Yes Yes

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