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2005 Honda Sabre 1100


Own Photo: 


Great bike,handles good,lots of power

Nice bike gotta love those flames. I those rims. Honda can't go wrong there.

What a fantastic looking ride.

That bike is one of the best out there. I have friends that have over 80,000 miles and still rolling.

Great looking bike Robert, is that an aftermarket paint job? Looks very similar to the VTX1800 flame finishes Honda was producing.
Anyway welcome to the site from Canberra, Australia.

Dub, the Sabre came with them. My blue one had them but not as obvious. Great looking 1100 Robert. Enjoy.

Nice bike Robert: Welcome to the site

Very nice. Stands out in a crowd. I like that

Great bike, I have 2 Sabres, an 06 all black, and an 05 that could be your bikes twin

Cool bike, I think that was a factory colour.
My '95 1100ace has 78,000 on it.

Signature Honda paint job ... I thought it was an 1800. Good looking bike. Welcome .

Good looking ride, Robert. Welcome to the site

Nice looking ride, welcome to the site from Medford, OR.

Welcome from Atlanta! Sweet ride you got there! YIAH!

Welcome from Missouri. Ditto on 'YIAH'. In case you are new to the acronym, "Yes It's A Honda" Smiley-laughing

Nice looking ride Robert.

Welcome to the site. Nice bike

That would be the factory paint job on those bikes, as well as the aluminum wheels

Yep. They did all that Ben. Mine was blue. Nice bike too. It was my 3rd 1100 Honda.

Great bikes, I own two of them, 06, black, and an 05 black with flames. 06 is getting ready to turn 67000 miles, only issue I had with it has been fuel pump, and starter switch

I had fuel pump trouble on my '95 1100 Spirit too. The only issue I had with my 3 VT1100's.

Me too! Dont buy an aftermarket pump. OEM is the best for that part.

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