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My Current Project

My Current Project

One of the problems for owners of a Boulevard C109 is the lack of aftermarket parts etc. I was looking for alternative air intakes and there's not much out there.
So I decided to try something completely different. I needed an air intake that would be capable of being mounted to the existing chamber without too much of a modification.
When I was younger and added performance equipment to my cars, Edelbrock was and still is a well known performance product. I found some 10 inch intakes on Jegs website so ordered two of them with mounting screws ($150 including shipping). These are made for 5 1/8" Holley carbs but I worked it out that I could modify my existing intake to suit. I have finished one side and will complete the other side tomorrow. Then I will test it out. If successful I will post the modifications on CC.



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Tezza that's looks very schmick. Clever thinking

Good one Tezza,

Sounds good. I just finished the Thunder mfg one on mine and will post results Monday with Dyno results. You were more adventurous that me, I just followed soeone else's instructions, sort of.

Good initiative.

We've seen West Coast Choppers and Orange County now we have Tezza's West Sydney Cruiser Customs.
You go for it good buddy Edelbrock served me well in my youth

Looking good Tezza. Not just another pretty face, are you!

That certainly makes it look different from everyone else's bike. Nice!

Now that's different. Hope it works out well.

Thats great look forward to seeing/hearing about the finished product! Thanks for sharing...

Looks good Tezza

Great idea Terry..........looks sharp my friend !!

So far so good can't wait for the test results.

I think Vic Edelbrock would be proud.Hot Rodding is innovation.


Job well done, thinking outside the box!
Looks great Tezza!

Thanks for the comments guys. Will be doing the other side today and I can't wait to test it.

Excellent thinking Tezza like Beachy said your not a pretty face .(Did I type that wrong) .Hurry up and get the job done so we can go riding again . Nice work Tezza .

Thinking out side the box, As Gipsy said, Well done Tezza.

Looking good tezza.... hope it works even better...starting to look a bit Kawasaki Vulcanish though. lol

Ain't going there's Al lol

OH NO mate are you after more horse power?lol................. looks good

Looks great mate! I am glad it worked out well.

Hey Tezza have you finished your bike yet ?

I am still looking to extend my forward controls, I have tried googling with no positive results any ideas?

No mate but stevenm109r has forward controls on his M109.

C'mon tezza! Have you finished the bloody bike yet?

Yes Albert. I'm thinking of my next one.

Next air project? lol

Next air cleaner....... Design an adaptor plate.
Next bike........I can only dream.
Next project........Still thinking about that one.

Man... you need a nana nap after all that activity.......

Tezza, you need to open a bike shop, that does innovations.

Bloody hell Bill! Has he fitted an innovation now? What's the part number for that? How much? lol

One can only assume from lack of details that project isn't finalised at this time. More research or more analyst required

Yeah. Julie is just on the 'Net checking out measurements, angles. All the tech stuff. lol

Nice job tezza I like it

Was a write up done? If so, link?

Mark, the problem is time. This was from 4 years ago. Bike has been sold and was replaced with an 800 Bully which recently got anIndian Scout stablemate.

Hi Mark. I did a video of my mod.
If you live in Oz, I have the complete set for sale.

USA, Sunny Florida.
Traded an 2007 883 Sportster in on an 08 C109RT. As I'm 6'3", 383lbs; a much larger bike was needed.

Neat video!

Thanks Mark.

Mark, click on the link in Tezza’s reply regarding “If you live in Oz”. It’s there.

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