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My Dad

My Dad

circa 1970 passed away 1978. Inherited bike enthusiast. In the DNA.


Own Photo: 


My mum was also into bikes, she had a BL125

Certified second generation biker.

My Dad rode a WLA in WW2.

Any photos Edwin. My Dad rode the radio operators seat in Lancaster’s during WWII.

I wish I did.

RIP Dad.
His bike is the same colouring of my 71 500/4.

I am the same Edwins that is the only photo I have of my Dad and his bikes, don’t have any of Mum and her bikes, it’s a real shame.

Cool. My uncle Bill rode a Harley in WW2, as a messenger. Ironically, he was killed while waiting to go home after the war had ended.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ;0))

Nicely dressed too. 1970 thats not that long ago . I think I can still remember those days.

I had a 350 a couple of years older.

He bought a CB450 not long after. I liked it so much I bought it off him. That was a beautiful bike to ride.

I wish I still had my CB450. 1970? I was living in Santa Monica, working in Hollywood. Now, that's whole 'nother story. LOL

Great memories for you Cliff.

Every bike memory is a great memory.

One of my brothers once owned a bike just like that one minus the windshield back in the day. I had heard stories of my dad having a bike while stationed in Italy during WWII. I wish that he had lived long enough to share that story with my brothers and I.

RIP. Glad you got your enthusiasm from him

Great to have the Photo - a Real Treasure for sure ...
My Dad used to Own & Ride a 500cc Calthorpe, an English made 4 stroke Single cylinder - I think it was somewhere around a late 30's bike (1938?)
Ride Safe ....

I had an AJS 500 single, great old thumper to ride, a bitch to look after and maintain. Could not stop the oil leaks

I need to pull my finger out and get into my Yammie SR500 single project.

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