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My dog Bodhi doesn’t like it when I go for a ride...


Maybe Bodhi could go with you one day.

Buy him a little helmet and glasses... Then asTezza said - take him with you!!! LOL

No pillion rider for me, not even my dog! LOL

Faithful friend !

Awwwww he's so sweet

Gert, apparently you and Bodhi have bonded well. I bet that he can hear you returning home from some distance away. Smiley-laughing

Get a side car.

You are right TG. Simone told me the dog is running to the door before she noticed I arrived....

Thats a dogs way ! "Hallelujah ..... he`s comin` home !" LOL

I listened to you Dave, I now use yellow glasses for a evening ride and it helps against all the lights during a ride in the dark!

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