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My Favourite

My Favourite

I’ve had this Valk for around 12 years now. The longest I’ve owned a bike apart from the ‘71 Honda Z50a that I have and have had for almost 40 years. There is nothing in today’s market that takes my fancy. A new VTX1800 would be nice if it was available. I prefer the Valk over the Oldwing. The boss finds the  Oldwing comfy but I don’t find it comfortable. It does tow the camper more capably though. When the day comes to move one on, it will be a hard decision (also one that is a long way off).


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I can see why it would be your favorite.
It's very appealing just to look at from a distance. (On the internet not the bushs out the front)

It is my favorite of all your bikes as well Al. If you ever wanted to sell it, I'm 1st in line. Smiley-laughing

...and the song says "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with."

Yes Edwin, that’s how they follow me home.
Steve, While I’m a Honda guy, the Royal Star was a nice bike all round and whatever the previous owner did to the pipes.....I loved the sound.

That bike is just f*<#ing gorgeous!

Thanks Alex. I think it gets better with age....and dim lighting.

I can see why it's your favorite.

There's somethin' about them Valkyries...

I remember the first one I ever was in 1998 not long after I moved in to my then new the intersection of FM 967 and FM 1626 near Buda (pronounced "bew-dah"), Texas. It was a Yellow and Cream colored Standard and I knew I had to have one. Took ten years, but that's when I found Hildr the Valkyrie!

Charlie, I used to say I was never interested in a Goldwing....but then I realised I used to love them. The first naked models....really like an early version of a Valk. Naked, engine on view, shaft drive etc. just having had my 1800 Oldwing serviced and looking at the cost of removing the plastic and re-installing it....I love my F6C even more. When the time comes to go to 1 bike, I'm pretty sure it will be the Valk that stays.....or maybe the Oldwing.....or the Valk....
You see my dilemma.

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