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Reminding my first bike...

Reminding my first bike...

The first year I got my license to ride a bike I bought this one, a ‘86 Kawasaki Vulcan 750. My first brothers weekend, first ride to Germany, bought my first camera and did some short video’s riding a bike for the first time and I found this site riding this bike and searching for a backrest.. great memories! 


Own Photo: 


Way to go Gert ... I'm sure you have a great storage bank of memories like the rest of us old farts ... I have some trouble finding the files these days - can't remember what folder I stored it in - I think I NEED DE-FRAGGING Smiley-laughing
Cheers mate -
Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)

Great memories there.

Yes like you say Gert, first bike, first kiss, first etc. And as crazy as bikers are hopefully your first kiss was not with your first bike. That is just too weird.

What year was that Gert?

Only 5 years ago Al... I sold my ‘71 VW Beatle and went for my bike license as my brother had a bike for a long time already and he told me: “I think you would also like it”. Simone told me, OMG... his mildlife crise is starting! But I’m happy I did get my license and my first bike because I realy enjoy every freeking second as it gives me the real feeling of freedom!

My first bike was a 1963 $350.00 Honda step through. We used it to move 600 head of sprinkler pipes. The next bike was a SL90 RED I ran the life right out that bike. Life was good..

Good looking first bike Gert.

Scruffy, my first bike was also a '63 Honda C100 Cub. 49ccs of throbbing 4 stroke pushrods power. 3 speed box. Top speed according to Honda was 43 mph. Lol. Two tone second bike was another one...the same.

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