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My First Ride

My First Ride

Got her to 50 mph and rode 17 miles!


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You go girl!! I remember my first ride. When I got home I hit the lip of the driveway wrong and ran into my SUV. LOL. No damage to the bike but made a big dent in the SUV. Called my insurance guy and told him it was hit in a parking lot. LOL I hope he is not on here.

Congrats stay safe.

Congrats with your great looking ride! It's not about the speed, it's about how you feel on the bike and enjoy your rides..... Wish you nice and safe rides!

Congrats on the bike and welcome to the community! As Gert says, get comfortable with the bike and how it handles before you worry about getting up to any kind of speed. Stay safe!

Great way to start. Just ease into it and just increase as you get more comfortable. Don't let anyone pressure you.

Great looking ride and a good way to start, nice and easy.

Welcome to the site. Congrats on your new ride. I remember getting my license in class but they never got us over 20mph. I bought my first bike and 50 mph seemed like light speed on a back road. Spent many hours in a parking lot doing figure 8's and cloverleaves till I felt comfortable making a U turn in 2 lanes without putting my foot down.

You can do that! I still tippy toe when there is gravel

I did learn the hard way to never use the front brake when in gravel or sand...

Welcome from California, join in, make some friends and enjoy ! Like the others said practice, practice, practice before venturing out to far and to fast, it's a great sport and lots of fun so just take it easy and you'll do just fine.

Thank you all for the advice and pointers. I know it was a bit foolish to go too fast, too soon. But, going forward I will get more familiar with my bike and work on what I learned in safety class. Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.

Well done. Now for the next ride. I bet you can't wait.

Welcome from St. Louis. That's the way to do it. Have fun and stay safe.

If it felt good, you did it right. Congrats and welcome!

Valerie, im from yr insurance company, now residing in Australia..

we need to have a chat.............

My name is not Valerie, sorry.

sorry Dana, was referring to Valerie who made the 1st comment

Oh! I'm dumb, my bad. Have a good one!

all good Dana, u have a great day too...or night?...time diff does my head in!?

Dana, you can never tell who Burty is referring to...... Lol

yeah, what Al said!!

I always worry when you agree Burty........

I dont kinow Burty

Looks great, enjoy!

don't forget the safety gear,a good pair of boots comes in handy if you have to put a foot down for any reason!
just a word of advice from a old dirt bike rider,ha
oh and welcome from new jersey!

Already got the shopping done and putting the gear to good use:)

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