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My Fist Ride

My Fist Ride

This was like my first ride, just without the cage. 
Norwegian Tempo Swing 1958 with a German Sachs 50cc .
My father bought it from a fisherman he knew who did not use it any more so I could have it!
Happy as can be !
What was special about this one among the others was the cooling fan to avoid overheating. 
I rode every single street, wide or narrow in the area and did not quit till I knew them all.
I`d come home late nights ! Smiley-laughing
I went on long rides to reach the lakes I never had the opportunety to reach before to go fishing!
I remeber I was so happy I was singing all the way!
The Freedom was Invented ! Smiley-laughing




Great memories Arild

Arild, you've summed it up beautifully! I think that new-found sense of freedom is what hooked a lot of us and, as you know, there's NO freedom like the freedom you get on a bike!

I can just see you now Arild. Smiley-laughing

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