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My member vest

My member vest

I am late posting my picture but I am also a member of the Chris Caliente goldwing riders group.



Looking Good.

Nice! You guys look great!

Looks great Julie
Congrats on your membership

Julie 'Rocks', You Go Girl ! Smiley-laughing

Whoo Hoo!


LOOK Way better than that other guy. Look great and HAVE FUN...

What Scruffy said.

Looks great Julie! Congrats....

Yes she looks a lot better than I do

Thank you guys. I am excited to see where this new adventure takes us..

She looks a lot better than you do Allen. Good on ya both I hope you enjoy the group

Absolutely, Paintcan

Very nice !

Ditto Here !!

Julie hopefully it will take you on the long and winding road, too where who care, just enjoy. How many riders in the membership group.

Good on you Julie.

Raymond, it's a start up group. I'm not sure. But I'd 15 at this moment

Raymond, maybe closer to 25. Just looked at the website, lol

You guys are definitely set up for some good cruisin' now .... I hope every mile puts a Smile on your dial Smiley-laughing
Take Care - Ride Safe - Cheers ....

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