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My Milestone

My Milestone

I know it's not 100,000km just yet,  but 91,001km still looked good on the dial. 

I've had the Vulcan for 5yrs 2mths and have done 69,000km on it and every km has been a blast.

Come February 2019 and I'll have been riding for 6yrs. Up till now I've covered 116,000km on the 3 bikes I've owned.

Feeling quite accomplished. Cool


Own Photo: 


Well done Spratty ... making up for lost time !!

Yes I think I am, done nearly 500km yesterday and today..just can't get enough of it.

Good job mate!

Well done.

My riding buddy and I have started a “gunnado” conversation about another Big Lap. No dirt this time ... asphalt only ... on Harleys ... 6 weeks, not three months. We can’t get enough long distance riding either!!

Sounds like a plan

Good job Dave.

Good on you. Keep riding any you will stay young.. Have fun riding another 116,000 km's

Well done Dave thats a lot of K's . Vardy's plan sounds good too. I agree sounds like a plan.

Outstanding if I hadn't totaled my first bike it would be around there now

You got to keep going to see if it flips over to all 000000's.

John I think it will just keep going up to 999999 before it zeros out. Dunno know not sure though. I let you know in 9000ks... Smiley-laughing

If it is like the VTX it will be 1 million klms. Not sure I will get there before the next tyre change..... Smiley-laughing

The Bike owes you nothing!

Dunno about that Drew, I've spent a lot on her, but no your probably pretty right

My congrats Spratty. Way to go...

Excellent !!! Get in as much riding as you can or want to, time will come when you get older and things start to hurt more than they used too ... but the memories - lots of memories and so good to have lots of photos and videos as well and a lot easier to do than it was back 30 to 40 years ago .....
Ride Safe ...

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