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My New Bed

My New Bed

After 9 rallys I am now on my third bed.
Anaconda had 40% discount so I had to make the purchase.



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You bet! I gave up sleeping on the ground for lent years ago. These old bones apricate a good mattress.

Top brand. You should get a few years out of that one.

Congrats , sleep well Smiley-laughing
I have always used two sleeping pads. One for insulation on the ground (great importance) and one air mattress for the comfort about 4-5 cm thick. Not hotel comfort but the amount of air in the mattress is the trick. This have been my gear tenting both summer and during the winter in low temps. Awesome! Lol

So who do you con into blowing it up

Where are the legs?

blowing it up better then drugs.

Looks comfortable.
Hope its not inflated by gas.

No one could create that much self made methane.

Looks a bit small, I’m wondering about your wifes opinion my old friend! LOL

Correct there Ray. Their tents are good too. Except in hurricanes.

I had to get a new one. Last year I woke a few of the guys up because I had to pump up the mattress around 1 am.

Val, I have a rechargeable pump.

No legs vardy. I don't want to hurt myself if I fall out of bed. Smiley-wink

True Capt.

Only the tent Matt.

No wives allowed on wild hogs Gert. Smiley-laughing

Yes no legs as I suspect there are a few drinks each evening. One needs to make sure the tent zipper is always zipped unless one fancy sleeping with snakes and other crawlies

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