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My new custom pipes. No longer blocking the back axle.


No more having to dismantle exhaust system to access rear axle for tyre changing and such. Nice sound with minor baffling, not too loud and not too quiet.

The pipes look great, Paul! That really gives it a "Mean Streak" look! Very nice!

that is a really nice looking bike

Nice look on a nice looking ride

Sharp looking bike.

Look great, are they polished stainless, nice and short must be loud...

Sharp looking bike.

Beautiful look with the new pipes!

Looks awesome Paul. That's one of the sharpest Mean Streaks that I have ever seen. The new pipes Rock!

Sweet mate!
That is a big plus in the maintenance field!

Nice looking mean steak I-m so happy

Extreme thanks to all for making my head too big for my helmet with your kind comments. And Spratty they are chromed steel double tubed pipes. The double tubing stops the blueing effect and acts as heat shield. I'd never heard of it before. Thanks again to a great community.

Paul a video sound test of the pipes would be nice.

nice,thats what I need,cant get a torque wrench on to adj my chain,ha
I need a open end or box torque wrench,if they make them

I have enough trouble with a still camera let alone a video camera but I will ask my son for help on this project.

Onya mate that's the way...

Welcome back KwakKwak

Hey Deebs how they hangin mate. Keep the emails coming. Post a pic of your current ride for me. Oops sorry forgot my manners, PLEASE post a pic................

Thanks for posting Paul. The bike looks fantastic and those pipes look cool.

Hi Tezza. The CCC site has you to blame for my return so prepare for a sh&t load of hate mail.

We need some added action kwakkwak. It will all be love mail mate. Smiley-laughing

Gorgeous color, clean...And mean Smiley-laughing

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