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my new project, 1995 Honda Magna 750 cc

my new project, 1995 Honda Magna 750 cc

This will gradually replace the Rebel.  Will be putting new mirrors on it, wind screen like the Rebel has, remove the headlight cowl, mount a trunk and maybe saddlebags.  Haven't decided on them yet.  Maybe a different seat,  I'll think on that for a while.  A bit of neglect by the former 3 owners.  Needs some heavy duty polishing come this winter.  Will also take it to the shop to have tuned up.  The Honda shop here in town did a great job with my Rebel.  It has 19171 miles on it.  Paid $2000 for it.  Money from when I sold my Subara Baja that had 230,000 miles on it.


Own Photo: 


Great looking ride. These motors were quite powerfull. Make it the way you want it.

Your sure keeping the color scheme.. Looks nice for it's age..

Looks good in the photo now you have something to look forward to this winter, hope your garage is warm.!
Agree, colour scheme looks good.!

Once I get done washing it up, deep polishing, it will look as good as the photo. It definitely shows it's age. Will do some close up pics of all of my before and after work. Part of me wants to keep the Rebel also, but if I do that, it means Rochele also gets to get another dog. Two dogs are enough.

These are meant to be a good bike. I have 1 in the shed in pieces, never had it running properly.... One day.....

For a 95 that's not many miles. Nice pick up. Does look nice.

Good pick up Randy

That are powerfull bikes, it will make a big difference with the rebel! I don’t think you need the rebel anymore Randy, this bike will completely replace the rebel and I don’t think you would use the rebel that often anymore. Better use the money you get selling the rebel to complete this one like you want and.... it safes you a extra dog at the same time!!! LOL

Gert, I would have one of these.

Al, another extra bike?! LOL

Al, come and get mine, just needs a polish......sort of.....

That Magna will surely get you from here to there about twice as fast as the Rebel!

Gonna be a sweet ride after some TLC.

Gert. IF I had the place to keep 3 bikes I would but not 3 dogs. I will dearly miss the Rebel tho especially that 80 mpg gas mileage. Maggie Mae Magna will probably only get up to 50 mpg at best but you could ride with me r on the interstate versus no way on the Rebel. This is the reason for the upgrade so my visiting friends can enjoy riding around on our great riding area

I like the cowl! But I also understand wanting a windscreen... I'd keep the cowl, though, for re-sale value. Hang it on the wall! Looks like a great project, pal!

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