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my new ride

my new ride

2003 VTX 1800 R3 Retro





Going to Santa Maria today to pick up this beautiful 2003 Honda VTX 1800 R3 Retro, Has 17K miles....upgrade from my 750 Shadow ACE.

Sweet! Ive got a 750 Aero and my baby, the VTX. You're gonna love to power & comfort. Congratulations!

Great colour

Sweet and great color too.

They won't be able to say they did not see you

Congrats on your new ride Buzz. You will notice right away that no throttle is needed when you take off from a standing start on your VTX. Smiley-laughing Cool color too.

Hi Keith ! Smiley-laughing
Very Nice bike youre gettin` !
I bet you will love it !
I have been looking at the wtx 1300 myself for some time but money still say no! Smiley-laughing
Enjoy your pic up!
Ride safe ! Smiley-laughing

Enjoy. Sweet looking ride.

That’s awesome! I had a 2008 VTX 1800T. They are an excellent bike! Congratulations!

Sweet looking bike...very the color !

Very cool VTX . I like the color also and your really going to like the performance up grade. Ride safe

Nice looking ride Buzz.

Sweet looking bike mate! I am slightly biased though.
I also bought my VTX1800 at 17K, now it almost 100K and doesn't look like slowing down. Best bike ever!

What can be wrong with orange? Our national color....

Great pic and bike, wish you many nice and safe rides!

Orange makes it go faster... True story. Great looking bike!

Nice I've owned one of those before

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