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My old girl


Nice Black and Chrome. Do your arms get tired having the handle bars so high...just wondering.

No mate, i've owned Harleys all my life and have always had 16" apes on all of them. I feel more comfortable Riding my bikes with apes and stock bars. I'm 6'2" tall and the bars are shoulder height

Do you go for long rides with them handle bars or just 2 hour rides. I have never tried them, but have always thought it would be hard to ride long distances like that. I have always just left the stock one alone. I'm 6-2 as well.

Drew ... Peter Fonda rode across the USA with high apes .... didn't he!!??

My son has same size apes on his Dyna ... he's 6'3" ... loves them. I'm under 5'8" ... tried riding his bike ... can't do it ... hurts my shoulder joints.

Great looking bike btw, Beau!

Yep i go on long rides and short runs as well. i personally like them but each their own. I rode from Cobar NSW to Melbourne and onto Tasmania for a holiday and then rode back from Melbourne to Cobar in a day, for me they're comfortable

Wow ... they are serious distances. Good on you !

Nice and shiny. Good looking bike

Beautiful bike! I love black & chrome.

You've had the Switchback for a while now Beau.
How many kilometres have you done?

That is still a bloody sweet ride beau.

A bit over 25,000 , havent been well for a couple of yrs so that curbed my riding a bit

Thats no good about your health
I hope it picks up soon so your can but some more Ks on that great looking ride.

Sweet looking ride

Hang onto it Beau , they aren't going to make any more switchbacks .

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